Domestic chlorinators

SMC domestic bi-polar chlorinators implement state of the art electro chlorination technology coming from the industrial equipment. The use of a bi-polar cell provides a much higher performance than in a mono-polar chlorinator. The SMC series have a higher chlorine output per cm2 of electrode and superior energy efficiency. The Switch Mode power supply delivers a precisely controlled power with lower energy consumption. This leads to a longer cell life span and a wider salt operating range that extends from a few grams per liter to sea water.

  • New exclusive cell with improved hydrodynamics and greater effective electrode surface.

  • Transparent electrode frame for better visual inspection of the cell: duration 16.000h.

  • New power supply of high performance, low heat dissipation prepared for IP67.

  • Elimination of fans and encapsulated IP65: electronics longer life and noticeable decrease faults.

  • Valid for all types of spa and swimming pools. Implementation switching power across the range (less weight, less volume, more features).

  • New extremely user interface with Backlit LCD display.

  • Function chlorine shock.

  • Fully Programmable automatic programming reverse polarity of 1 to 12 hours depending on water hardness, cover function, the possibility of remote, possibility of dosage depending on the water temperature, etc.

  • Measuring the concentration of salt.

  • Best wall mounting.

  • Detachable power cord: simplifies and makes cheaper technical services. Allows the user to send and receive the device without a dual professional intervention.

  • Connector improved to prevent corrosion cell terminals.

  • Including software and electronics for ph measurement and control.