About us

  • Naturalchlor was founded in 1994 becoming the Spanish pioneer in salt chlorination.

  • Naturalchlor manufactures chlorinators for the swimming pool and water treatment industry and have opened new markets in many countries and for different applications where people were not aware that their treatment needs could be solved by implementing our technology. We offer consulting in electrolytic solutions for different applications: industrial, waste water, swimming pools etc.

  • Naturalchlor activity goes far beyond commercial purposes. We offer a high quality after sales support and we are present in many specialized forums and conferences as well as in the most important exhibitions.

  • Naturalchlor goal is to become the global leader in salt chlorination. That’s why we constantly invest to improve our products and create new innovative ones.

  • Salt water chlorination has proved to be the simplest, healthiest, and most economic system for water swimming pool treatment and is being increasingly adopted worldwide.    
  • Naturalchlor has been at the vanguard in salt chlorination technology for more 30 years and has invested all his knowledge in the design of the most advanced products at a limited cost.