pH and chlorine controllers - pH BASIC

Instrument for measuring and monitoring pH levels. Digital back-lit display. Measurement scale: pH 0 – 14. Consists of peristaltic metering pump of 1.5 l/h at 1 bar. Proportional metering. Protection: IP-65

Accesory kit included with model:

  • Filter with double-ball retention valve

  • Propylene box IP65 9,2 x 18 x 16 cm

  • Float switch for detecting lack of product

  • Injection fitting with blackflow prevention ball valve

  • 2 m PVC-glass aspiration tube

  • 2 m polythylene impulse tube

  • Fixing plugs, screws, fuse

Combinded pH electrode, EPHM model:

  • Max. Pressure: 7 bar. Max. temperature: 90ºC at 3.5 bar

PEA housing probe:

Inline housing probe

  • BSA: Calibration solution pH 4

  • BSB: Calibration solution pH 7