Semi-Industrial Chlorinators

Ecochlor® is a high efficiency, in-line chlorinator capable of generating chlorine from fresh water without the need of adding salt to the system. This unique feature means a complete revolution in electrochlorination which can now be used in fresh water systems. Fresh water enters the cell and leaves sterilised and with the required chlorine concentration. All Ecochlor needs is water and electricity. In addition, the system has a higher sanitization effect than commercial chlorine. The fast oxidizing processes which take place in the cell are capable of destroying the chloramines and other contaminants.

Natural fresh water always contains a certain amount of dissolved solids, among them some mineral salts and chlorides.
These chlorides exist, however, in a much smaller concentration than the required by a conventional electrochlorinator. Ecochlor has a chemical efficiency several times higher than a conventional chlorinator and it has been designed for utilising this small amount of chlorides already in the water. Provided with an extremely selective catalysis, Ecochlor is able to sterilise the water and keep a residual chlorine concentration exclusively from its natural salt composition.

  • Easy to use menu driven navigation system.

  • Backlit digital LCD display.

  • Function chlorine shock.

  • Low and high salt indicators.

  • 25,000 hours of cell duration.

  • Computerised automatic control and display.

  • Suitable for semi commercial pools.