Technology - Electrodes

Naturalchlor is the only chlorinator manufacturer worldwide who produces its own electrodes. This unique condition, as a specialist in catalytic coating, explains the technological advance of Naturalchlor in the salt water chlorination industry.

Naturalchlor products distinguish by the use of more advanced and powerful technics, as Switch Mode power supplies and bi-polar cells that have allowed the design of high output in industrial chlorinators. Only Naturalchlor is able to provide machines for any size of project. The same technology has been applied to the domestic range which benefit of exceptional performance, robustness and reliability.

Technology - Switch Mode power supply

Naturalchlor chlorinators use Switch Mode power supplies to polarize the electrode. This allows very precise control over the electrode’s working point, which notably minimizes its wear and tear. Control of chlorine production is not executed by varying the power, as is the case with conventional chlorinator, but by interrupting polarization at a certain frequency. This has a direct effect over the duration of the electrodes and electrical consumption. The origin of Switch Mode feed sources is to be found in the IT industry, the same originally designed for reduced powers. They have had to be adapted to generation of electrolysis with the consequent design difficulties that this involves. Apart from the above-described advantages our chlorinators benefit from the scarce consumption, volume and weight of this type of source.



Technology - Bipolar cells

Our electrolytic cells use a more advanced technique to obtain chlorine, which is denominated bipolar electrolysis. What is achieved with this technique is that one same electrode will behave like an anode over one face and like a cathode over the other, this in simultaneous fashion. This produces unique distribution of the potential inside the electrolytic housing, allowing a reduction of its dimensions. It is particularly adapted for use as Switch Mode feed sources, with this technique notably reducing the intensity of the necessary current for production of chlorine, conferring extraordinary performance and resistance to the system. Naturalchlor produces its own electrodes by using the latest technology in sheathing and the highest quality in the material for the electrodes. This allows us to assure the longest duration of the market cells. All ours models use solid high grade titanium plate for the cell’s cathode and anode. The anode coating process is strictly controlled to assure a uniform lining of a few microns that will guarantee performance of the cell during many years.



Technology - Industrial chlorinators

Naturalchlor have developed a wide range of industrial chlorinators which meet the requirements of all kind of facilities, such as municipal swimming pools, hotel installations and water park resorts. Our chlorinators are capable of producing from 100 g/hour to 3,000 g/hour and concentrate all the technical advances in electro chlorination. They are the best example of the high technological degree achieved by Naturalchlor. No other brand in the market offers that high chlorine production in such a compact system. Our cells life span is also the longest in the market: 45.000 hours.

The advantages provided by industrial chlorinators are even more noticeable due to the elevated budgets of chemicals, handling and storage involved in a big swimming pool. The installation remains, however, very simple, even if the swimming pool is already in service.



Technology - Fresh water chlorinators

is a high efficiency, in-line chlorinator capable of generating chlorine from fresh water without the need of adding salt to the system. This unique feature means a complete revolution in electro chlorination which can now be used in fresh water systems. Fresh water enters the cell and leaves sterilised and with the required chlorine concentration. All Ecochlor® needs is water and electricity. In addition, the system has a higher sanitization effect than commercial chlorine. The fast oxidizing processes which take place in the cell are capable of destroying the chloramines and other contaminants.

How does it Work?

Natural fresh water always contains a certain amount of dissolved solids, among them some mineral salts and chlorides.
These chlorides exist, however, in a much smaller concentration than the required by a conventional electrochlorinator. Ecochlor has a chemical efficiency several times higher than a conventional chlorinator and it has been designed for utilising this small amount of chlorides already in the water. Provided with an extremely selective catalysis, Ecochlor is able to sterilise the water and keep a residual chlorine concentration exclusively from its natural salt composition.

Water disinfection for various applications:

Drinking water
Recycled water
Grey water
Biofilm growth control
Sewerage and wastewater
Irrigation water
Food processing plants
Cooling towers and circuits
Agricultural lagoons
Swimming pools and water parks


General characteristics

In-line installation
Modular system
Build up calcium elimination by reverse polarity
Sealed, water cooled power supply module.
Switch Mode, processor controlled power supply
Continuous output monitoring
pH control (optional)
Chlorides range: 200-800 ppm (under 200, available on request)
Expected electrode life: 75.000 hours

Eliminates chlorine cost and dependence on chlorine supply
Higher sterilizing power than commercial chorine due to extreme oxidizing conditions in the cell
Eliminates the risk of transport and handling of dangerous chlorine products.
Completely automatic process with minimal operator attendance.
Easy to install on any existing system
Ecological: allows for local chlorine production, avoids isocyanuric preservatives use, high kWh/gr chlorine rate, reduces CO2 transport emissions, eliminates the risk of toxic dumping.